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Rutgers students attending classes on the RowanSOM campus can connect to the secure Rowan WiFi network using their Rowan username and password.  Click here to obtain your your Rowan username and password.  Please see the RowanSOM IRT Wireless computing page on how to connect to the Rowan secure WiFi network.  For help with Rowan username and passwords and WiFi issues please email

Visitors to the RowanSOM campus can utilize the Visitor wireless network labeled "Rowan_Visitor_Wireless" in the list of available WiFi connections on their device.  Connect to the network with your laptop or mobile device, launch your browser, and follow the instructions to obtain a password that will be good for 24 hours to the "Rowan_Visitor Wireless" network.  You may need to refresh your browsers several times before being sent to the web page that contains the instructions. You will need to repeat this process every day if you visit the Library on a regular basis.  

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