Answered By: Benjamin Saracco
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There's a free DOI lookup tool available at:

Alternately, if you need the DOI of a journal article that's indexed in PubMed, try using PubMed to find the needed number:

  1. Find the PubMed record for the article.
  2. Use the PubMed "Display setting" drop-down menu to select and apply the "MEDLINE" format.
  3. Look for the [AID] fields near the bottom of the PubMed record.  The DOI if present, will be followed by [doi].

If you see the AID field followed by [pii], this is also a unique identifier, but it is assigned by the publisher. Articles that were written prior to 1998 will definitely not have a doi or pii assigned to it. Articles after 1998 may have a doi or pii, but it is dependent upon when the publisher began assigning doi or pii to articles.


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