How can I deposit my publications in Rowan Digital Works?

How can I deposit my publications in Rowan Digital Works?

Publications deposited in Rowan Digital Works must either be licensed as Open Access or be a pre-publication version which the publisher allows to be deposited in an institutional repository. 

The easiest route is to choose an Open Access journal to publish your work. Visit the Directory of Open Access Journals to find one, or see if your chosen journal is listed in Ulrich's Serials Directory as open access. 

Another option is to pay an Article Processing Charge to make your article open access. Many high quality peer-reviewed journals now offer this option. Rowan University Libraries has an Open Access Publishing Fund to which you can apply for a grant to pay your article processing charge.

Finally, if you keep a copy of your manuscript prior to submitting it for publication, you can check if the journal allows deposit of preprints in repositories by visiting the Sherpa Romeo site. 

Library staff are happy to help with any of these steps - please contact us at 

For more information visit the library's Scholarly Communication guide.

Last Updated: Feb 03, 2021

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