How do I schedule a library presentation for my class?

How do I schedule a library presentation for my class?

Faculty wishing to schedule Information Literacy instructional sessions for their classes are welcome to contact their preferred subject librarian directly, or to complete the library Instruction request form.

Any questions about the new form or the ACRL Information Literacy Framework on which most lessons are based should be addressed to Samantha Kennedy at

Faculty are encouraged to make reservations early in the semester when ideal class dates and times are more likely to be available. All requests should be placed at least one week in advance of the requested date.

The teaching librarian will normally schedule Keith & Shirley Campbell Library’s computer lab (room 138), which contains 30 computers. If a regularly scheduled classroom or departmental computer lab is preferred, please contact the teaching librarian directly with the information about the preferred meeting location. 


Last Updated: Sep 22, 2021

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