How do I create an Annotated Bibliography using EndNote?

How do I create an Annotated Bibliography using EndNote?

Select the citation you want to annotate.

1. Double click the citation to open and edit. 

2. Scroll down the page to find the Research Notes field.

3. Type your notes (annotations) into the Research Notes field. Click the bottom "X" to close the citation and return to the main EndNote library window.

4. EndNote will ask you if you want to save your changes. Click yes to save your changes. (Clicking NO will erase all of the changes you have made.)

5. Now that you have entered all the research notes you want, you need to select the citations you want to include in the bibliography.

6. Click File, then Export to begin the process.

7. Select your Save Location. Name your file. Set the file type to Rich Text Format (.rft) to preserve the formatting. Select the correct (annotated) output style. Click Save to complete the process.

8. There should be a new Word icon in your save location. Double click to open the document.

9. The Word document should have all of your citations with the appropriate annotations listed.

Watch the video below for more information.


Last Updated: Jun 01, 2018