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When creating links to licensed resources, such as Ejournals, Ebooks, or databases, within documents or webpages, such as syllabi or Blackboard courses, you cannot copy an Ebook or Ejournal’s URL (the web address) from a browser’s address bar and paste it into a document or webpage.  The link will work while on-campus, but it will not work from off-campus. Off-campus access to licensed online resources is controlled through the use of the Libraries' proxy server that directs users to authenticate when accessing a licensed resource.

To create a durable, stable link to an online resource that can be accessed from off-campus you must include the Rowan Libraries’ proxy prefix in the URL.  The instructions to create a stable link are below, but also note that this procedure may or may not work consistently for creating links to specific journal articles or book chapters.  Contact the RowanSOM Library for help with linking to articles and chapters. 

For Ebook and Ejournal titles use the following procedure.

  1. First confirm the Rowan Libraries have a subscription to the book or journal you want to link to. Search our EBook or EJournals finder service. 
  2. Go to the Ebook's or EJournal's homepage, copy the URL from the browser’s address bar and paste it into a Word document, or other text editor. 
  3. Append the Rowan proxy prefix below to the beginning of the direct link.
  4. Copy and paste the resulting URL into the document or webpage.


This is the URL for the online version of the book Mark’s Basic Medical Biochemistry: This link will work fine if you are on campus and connected to the Rowan network, but it will not work if you are off-campus. 

A stable, durable URL that will allow Rowan users to view the Ebook from off-campus looks like this: 


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