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Some databases and resources, such as Clinical Key and the LWW collections require you create a free personal account or to register to print or download articles, book chapters, and other content from their sites.  Resources, like AccessMedicine, also market a personal account as an alternate method* to get remote access (Off-campus) access to the resource.  While personal  accounts frequently add some personalization and ease of access benefits they are also a security and marketing tool.  

The accounts must be created from a computer connected to the Rowan network, and in many cases the account must be renewed after a set number of days, usually every 30 to 90 days, from a computer on the Rowan network. Creating or renewing the account from off-campus locations may not be possible.  Check the individual resource's account or registration web page for details on how you create and maintain the account.

*All Rowan users are encouraged to use Rowan University Libraries' remote access authentication method when accessing Library resources from off-campus and not a personal account.  

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