Rowan University Libraries' Open Access Publishing Fund Information for Authors

Rowan University Libraries' Open Access Publishing Fund Information for Authors

FY 2022-2023 Rowan University Libraries' Open Access Publishing Fund

Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine

Funds Availability and Eligibility

  • $15,000 available; Awarded on rolling basis until funds are depleted
  • Full-time General Faculty (tenured or tenure track) authors at SOM can apply
  • One successful application of up to $3,000 per author annually; any additional costs are the responsibility of the submitter/authors or their department.
  • Available for peer-reviewed journal articles, scholarly monographs, and data sets
  • Article or book chapter has been accepted for publication in qualified journal/book (see below)
  • The author has paid no APC before applying; library cannot reimburse author(s)
  • Funding Priority and Restrictions
    • Authors with no external funding associated with the publication will receive priority
    • Authors with external funding that cannot be used to underwrite open access fees
    • Fees occurring after the closure of a grant are eligible
    • Authors who failed to apply for available grant coverage of open access fees will not usually be eligible
    • Funds may not be used for reprints, color illustration fees, non-OA page charges, permissions fees, web hosting for self-archiving, or other expenses not directly related to open access fees

Qualified Journals/Publications

Rowan Digital Works Requirement

  • Authors must submit funded works for deposit in Rowan Digital Works
  • Send a PDF of the final published version to

To Apply

  • Remember
    • Work must be accepted by qualified publication before applying
    • Author cannot have paid APC
  • Online Application
  • Choose “log in” at upper right
  • Select Rowan University from the list of schools
  • Will redirect to NetID login
  • Note: if you have previously signed in and selected “Trust Browser”, you may be automatically logged in


  • Paid directly to the publisher for approved applicants upon proof of acceptance for publication
  • Rowan University Libraries is unable to process expedited payments to vendors
  • Invoices must be made to Knowledge Unlatched (not the authors)
  • Bill to address:

Knowledge Unlatched GmbH

Maximiliankorso 66

Berlin 13465


VAT: DE136766623


  • Please direct inquiries to

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2023

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