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Once downloaded to your device you do not need to be on wifi or use your data plan to access content

Available for Apple and Android

How to create an account-

  • While on campus or after signing in to the proxy server go to DynaMedPlus
  • On the left hand side find the link that says, "Mobile use – Get the DynaMed Mobile App"
  • Enter an email you can get to on your device and click Submit
  • Open the email from your mobile device
  • Download the appropriate version (Apple or Android) of the DynamedPlus app
  • Tap the authentication link in the email to authenticate the app.
  • The DynaMedPlus app opens on your device and begins the initial content download.

DON'T USE YOUR DATA PLAN -We recommend you be on the Rowan or a high-speed home Wi-Fi network for the initial download of content as well as when updates become available because they can be big.

As far as we can tell there is no limit to the number of times you can download DynamedPlus.

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